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09 May 2008 @ 06:27 pm
Midnight Loving  

Title: Midnight Loving
Author: foreverbm
Timeline: Present
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC-17
Written for the prompt 'Nightmare' at 25fluffyfics

Michael woke with a start, and reached out, reassuring himself that Ben was next to him. He breathed a sigh of relief when his hand found Ben’s bare back He turned over and gently curled himself around Ben’s body, careful not to wake him.

The dream that had been haunting him at recurring intervals for weeks was still fresh in his mind. It was the same every time. He couldn’t find Ben. He walked through their home, opening and closing every door, calling Ben’s name, but nothing except silence answered him. Then, just as he remembered where Ben was, he woke up.

He knew what it meant, but wouldn’t let himself go there, even in his sleep.

He snuggled closer to Ben, wrapping his arm around him, feeling the rhythmical rise and fall of his chest beneath his hand.
His movements must have disturbed Ben and he felt the bed move as he turned over and sat up, resting on one elbow.

“You ok baby?” he asked, running his thumb gently down Michael’s face.


“Bad dream?”

Michael nodded his head, lowering his eyes.

He felt Ben lift his chin and look into his eyes, trying to read his thoughts and could tell by the frown that crossed his face he had succeeded as always. He could never hide anything from Ben.

“Come here” Ben said as he lay down, pulling him into his arms.

Michael let himself relax, the last remnants of the dream fading as Ben whispered words of love as he rocked him gently.

Michael pulled away and looked at his husband.

“I love you”

“I know”

Michael pushed Ben onto his back then sat up kneeling over him. The soft glow from the moonlight coming through the curtains bathed his husband in a golden glow, outlining his body to perfection.

Michael lent down, his hands gently holding his face as he covered it with soft kisses, until he reached his mouth. He moved Ben’s lips between his, then slowly slipped his tongue into his mouth.

He felt Ben thread his hands through his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss, making him feel as if they were one, their mouths staying together in an unrestrained kiss, neither of them wanting to be the first to break the contact.

When taking a breath became a necessity, Michael drew away. He could still feel Ben’s breath on his lips as his hands began caressing his body, fingers wide spread, wanting to feel as much of Ben’s skin as he could. He heard a contented sigh come from his husband as he bent down letting his tongue flick over first one nipple, then the other, taking his time, plying them with equal amount of attention until they were rock hard nubs.

He sat up, locking eyes with Ben as his hands continued his slow exploration of his body. He could feel his muscles contract under his touch and when he ran them over his hips and let his fingers trace slow circles through his pubic hair, he heard a low gasp escape Ben’s lips. He wrapped his hand around his cock and began stroking it with a measured rhythm, watching it slowly begin to weep. Ben lifted his hips and let out a loud moan and Michael bent down silencing it with his mouth, as his hand continued to apply gentle but sustained pressure to his cock.

Ben grabbed Michael’s hips and pulled him on top of him, his rock hard cock rubbing against Michael’s, fingers digging into Michael’s back as their bodies moved together, every inch of skin touching skin, a soft slicking noise the only sound to be heard as their movements became more frantic, both wanting to feel, taste and touch as much of the other as they could.
Ben groaned as Michael sat up moving out of his grasp but a smile soon crossed his face when he saw him reach for a condom, ripping the packet open with his teeth.

Ben’s eyes widened and a shiver of anticipation went through his body as he watched Michael put the condom into his mouth and bend down, slowly rolling it onto his cock with practiced ease.
Michael’s tongue began to work its magic, moving up and down his cock, licking around the head as Ben lifted his hips pushing more of himself into the warmth of Michael’s mouth.

Michael accepted him hungrily, the fleeting thought of being able to taste him without the latex running through his mind. He pushed it away as he always did and concentrated on giving his husband as much pleasure as he could.

Ben reached out, desperate in his need to touch Michael as he felt the pressure begin to build bringing him closer and closer to orgasm as Michael’s mouth continued to feast on his cock.
Michael’s hands moved over his body, touching him in all the right places, making his skin feel as if it was on fire. He found Michael’s hand, grasping it tightly as Michael lifted his eyes, watching the expressions of pleasure crossing his husbands face as his mouth and tongue, licked, sucked and devoured every inch of his husbands beautiful cock.

When Ben felt Michael’s fingers slowly caress his balls, squeezing them gently he couldn’t hold on any longer and let out a cry as his orgasm hit him with full force, shooting load after load of cum safely into the latex protection.

Michael kept Ben’s cock in his mouth until he felt his husband’s body relax. He removed the condom, throwing it into the bin and crawled up the bed and into Ben’s arms, resting his head on his chest
“What a wonderful way to be woken up in the middle of the night” Ben said, lifting Michael’s face, placing soft kisses on his eyes then finding his mouth, kissing his plump red lips.

Michael responded, loving the sweet taste of Ben, the feel of his tongue exploring his mouth.
When they finally took a breath Ben pulled Michael tighter to him, his fingers gently massaging his nipples, watching them slowly harden under his touch.

“How about I return the favor?” he whispered, his tongue flicking Michael’s ear.

Michael took a breath.

“I wondered……”

“What baby?”

Michael dropped his head, a light flush covering his face.

“What Michael…tell me”

Michael leaned in and whispered to Ben and watched a surprised look cross his face at his words, followed by a wide smile and a nod of his head.

He felt Ben’s strong hands grab his hips and flip him onto his back.

“Hey…I thought…”

“Soon baby ok….just let me do this….” Ben said, taking Michael’s nipple between his teeth, his tongue tracing circles around it before biting on it gently, seeing it darken with lust “And this…..” as he kissed his way down Michael’s chest, making sure he didn’t miss a inch of Michael’s creamy white skin.
He licked at a few sweat droplets that were appearing on Michael’s body as his hand moved down between Michael’s legs, pushing them open slowly, running his fingers lightly over his balls and felt a shiver go through his husband’s body as he worked his way down the bed, his mouth in constant contact with Michael’s skin. He reached his balls, taking them into his mouth, sucking on them as his hand wrapped itself around his cock, applying gentle pressure, his thumb slicking over the head

“Jesus……………..Bennnnnnnnnnnnnn………” Michael moaned, his hands clenching at the sheets, using all his self control not a come as Ben continued to stroke his cock.

“Ben……………please…………..I want to………….”

“It’s ok baby….” Ben looked up at Michael, knowing if he didn’t stop Michael was going to come and he wanted to save that moment for when his husbands cock was deep inside of him.
Michael reached down dragging Ben up the bed, surprised at his own strength but knowing it was driven by the need to fuck his husband.

He pushed Ben onto his back as he reached for the lube, squeezing some onto his fingers. He fastened his eyes on Ben as he went to work on his hole, gently probing, letting his fingers massage his tender skin, before pushing them in deeply, hitting his prostrate time after time.
He bought his other hand down and began to stroke himself as his fingers continued to weave their magic inside Ben.

“Michael....baby……please……” Ben stammered out between moans, as Michael continued his slow and deliberate torture of his husband’s body.

When he felt Ben’s fingers dig so deeply into his shoulder, that he knew he would have a bruise there tomorrow, he knew that neither of them were going to last much longer and he wanted to be inside his husband when he came.

He pulled his fingers out of Ben, hearing a low growl from him. He grabbed a condom, quickly rolling it onto his throbbing cock, and knelt in front of his lover.

He lifted Ben’s legs onto his shoulders, kissing his inner thighs before guiding his cock into his warm tight ass, a muted sigh coming from him at the incredible feeling of pleasure he felt as he began to move slowly inside of Ben.

He bent down, meeting his husband’s mouth, tongues fighting for dominance as they fucked each other’s mouth long and hard, leaving them both panting when they came up for air.

Michael continued his slow and measured rhythm inside Ben, hitting his prostrate then almost pulling out, teasing him unmercifully, and when he saw Ben bring his hand down and begin to stroke his own cock in time with Michael’s movements pre-cum slowly oozing from his cock, he almost lost control, but steadied himself, knowing what his husband wanted.

The bodies moved in tune with each other, Michael’s thrusts becoming harder and deeper as Ben stroked his own cock, his eyes never leaving Michael’s face, watching the warm flush work its way up his body as he came closer to orgasm.

Ben moved his hips slightly causing Michael to hit his prostrate dead on, sending a warm wave of unimaginable pleasure through his body, accompanied by a deep growl, his cock almost ready to explode.

“Michael………..” Ben cried out, his hand pumping his cock, so close but wanting to wait for his husband.

Michael’s eyes moved from Ben’s face to his cock, the sight of his lover jerking himself off while he was deep inside of him was becoming almost too much to bear. His balls tightened with every movement and when he heard Ben cry out as he hit his prostrate he couldn’t hold on any longer, screaming out his orgasm at the exact moment his husband shot his load over his hand and stomach.

Michael collapsed on top of Ben, his husband’s arms wrapped around his shaking body as he slowly came down from his orgasm. He could feel Ben’s cum on his stomach and he moved his body slowly over his, still lost in the incredible pleasure of the moment.

Ben turned on his side, Michael still in his arms, holding him close.
Michael let out a contended sigh, closing his eyes, knowing that for the rest of this night, his sleep would be dreamless.
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Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff: QAF Melanie at doorsuki_blue on March 29th, 2009 03:17 pm (UTC)
Sweet mamma!

~falls down~
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Michael Owns Me: loving401foreverbm on March 29th, 2009 03:43 pm (UTC)
*picks you up carefully*

I guess that was a yes you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! I always worry about repeating myself when writing their sex scene but so far no one has complained and I have written a lot of sex scenes :)

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Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff: Ben/Michael Lovesuki_blue on March 29th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Yep, immensely!

I certainly haven't noticed any repetition. You write the sex very well indeed!
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